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Maria Brekke

My Story

I’ve been thinking up stories since before I could write. My earliest stories went a little like this: a young princess’s uncle usurped her throne, so she had to go into hiding, pretending to be a servant girl until she could win back the hearts of her people and confront her evil uncle. Or something like that, anyway.


Hopefully, my current stories have the spark and imagination to make my younger self proud. I have been improving my craft the past few years by taking classes and workshops at the Loft Literary Center and Sackett Street Writers. I am also part of a writing group--Kate, Shirin, and Hannah have put up with more first drafts than anyone should have to see.


I graduated law school in 2018 and have been an attorney for the past five years. I practice business litigation, which means I help Minnesota businesses and organizations navigate disputes, from disagreements over contracts to clashes about control of the business.


I am blessed with an amazing husband/collaborator, and our Creative Nights™ have spurred some of my most inspired writing. Our literary-themed wedding was the stuff of dreams (specifically, my dreams). We have the coolest, funniest one-year-old daughter, who has gone from hating books to wanting one in her crib with her at night, and the softest, sweetest dog, who tolerates books but prefers treats. We live in Minnesota, and we enjoy all the seasons here, including the long but magical winters.


Outside of work and writing, I like to read, cross-country ski, play board games (especially Terraforming Mars), hang out with my family, and eat good food with my friends.

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